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제목 Selfeeder Dual MS6-DS: Drilling and Tapping Multipurpose Unit 등록일 23-04-25 14:37
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セルフィーダデュアルMS6-DS形Versatile, state-of-the-art machine for drilling and tapping!

This multipurpose unit "Selfeeder Dual" allows you to highly accurate drilling and tapping without having to use any other machining equipment. It features high-power servo motors for ram feed and spindle rotation and perfectly synchronizes both movements. The unit accommodates changes in design, without replacing the feed gear.



1. A Single Machine Enables Drilling and Tapping in Flexible Ways

workThe machine is equipped with high-power servo motors for ram feed and spindle rotation to achieve perfect synchronization. It enables highly precise and efficient drilling and tapping.
Powerful unit with capacity to tap large holes up to M27 in aluminum.

2. Change the Thread Pitch and Machining Patterns with Ease

tuchpanelFor changing the thread pitch, just replace the tools and enter a program. Gear replacement is unnecessary. Moreover, various built-in machining patterns are provided, allowing you to machine workpieces simply by operating the touch panel.

3. Energy saving and Space saving

Unit type can control up to 4 units with one programmable logic controller.

Drilling machine type can be operated on the same day by connecting the main power supply.

Unit type

Four units can be controlled with one programmable logic controller!


Drilling machine type

Reduced 50% less installation space!




Model No. No-load
Rotation speed
Operating capacity

Maximum drilling  and   tapping capacity

Thrust Rapid traverse speed Weight
50Hz 60Hz AL FC ST
min-1 mm mm kW N mm/sec kg
MS6-DS-2416 Max. 1,680 Stub
NT tool)
3.6~22.0 21 19 16 5.0AC servo Max.
M22 M14 M14
MS6-DS-2409 Max. 940 26 23 20
M27 M18 M18

1. To select your model, refer to the workpiece configurations, material, cutting properties, diameter of the hole, and rotation speed.(cutting speed)

2. The upper row of the maximum drilling/tapping capacity section shows the maximum drilling capacity. And lower row shows the maximum tapping capacity.

3. The drilling capacity shown above corresponds to a depth equivalent to the drill diameter times two. A spiral type or point type tapping tool is used to determine the tapping capacities.
Tapping capacities are conditional on the depth of tapping being limited to 1.5 times the tap diameter.

4. Holding brake is equipped with the feed motor.

5. AL*…Aluminium, FC*…Cast Iron, ST*…Steel

Dimensions(mm) (Unit type)