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제목 Cat’s Eye: Multi Processing Diamond & Burnishing Tools 등록일 23-04-26 17:31
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superoll-CAT’sEYEThe Diamond & Burnishing Tool “Cat’s Eye” uses a diamond tip to enable surface improvements to extremely hard materials (HRC60 or lower).
Disposable type with easy chip replacement

Applicable machines: Lathe






Example of processing with the Superoll Cat’s Eye

superoll-CAT’sEYE-work03 superoll-CAT’sEYE-work02-NC

Outer surface processing                 Attachment to the NC lathe

Features of the Superoll Cat’s Eye

  • One tool is compatible with various sizes of workpieces.
  • It can be attached to a standard tool holder. The end tip is disposable and easy to replace.




CEH Type 
Tool type and number Processing parts Minimum processing diameter Shank diameter Maximum processing length Tip model number
mm mm mm
CEH-2D1-R25 Inner surface φ13 φ25 45 DT2D1
CEH-4D1-R25 φ20 60 DT4D1

Note: We also manufacture shanks with a φ 25.4 mm.

CEO and CEF types

Tool type and number Processing parts Shank diameter Coupling direction Tip model number
CEO-4D1R-S25 Outer surface φ25 Right DT4D1
CEO-4D1L-S25 Left
CEF-4D1R-S25 End face Right
CEF-4D1L-S25 Left

Note: We also manufacture 20 mm and 16 mm shank models.

Processing requirements guide

Tool type and number Processing parts Workpiece hardness Built-in screw precompression Peripheral speed Feed rate Surface roughness
HRC N m/min mm/rev before processing (Rz)
CEH-4D1-R25 Inner surface 45 180 50 - 200 0.05 4.0
60 900
CEO-4D1R-S25 Outer surface 45 40
60 200
CEF-4D1R-S25 End face 45 40
60 200