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제목 JCC 421 UT : CNC Turret Type Submerged Washing & Drying Machine 등록일 23-04-26 17:35
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Submerged washing and target air blowing can be done with one machine!JCC 421 UT

"JCC 421 UT" is a washing machine equipped with a turntable that enables simultaneous submerged washing and target air blowing.
Productivity can be greatly improved by integrating processes.


 Improve productivity by integrating processes

This washing machine simultaneously achieves both submerged cavitation washing and target air blowing using a column robot. Contributes to process integration and space saving.

Integrating processes

Significant reduction in cycle time

The performance of the XYZ column and NC rotary table has been improved, and thus greatly reduce the cycle time.
・Rapid Feed Rate : 25%UP
・Acceleration : 70%UP
・Cycle time reduced by 30%



Expanded washing feature with servo motor-driven pump

Servo motor-driven pump makes it possible to monitor pump stop condition.
In addition, the washing pressure can be changed from a program, enabling washing under optimum conditions according to the target.


Improved cleanliness

Increased flow rate at low-pressure washing has improved the ability to remove contaminants on the surface of the workpiece.
Our tenacious efforts on improving cleanliness have led to add internal washing feature to prevent reattachment of chips.




Ideal for large aluminum case parts

It is possible to perform 6-sided cleaning of large workpieces, which was previously difficult to perform precision aim cleaning by expanding the stroke and submerged cleaning tank.

Ideal for large workpieces
Applicable workpiece size:650×450×450mm

Significant space savings

"JCC 421 UT" integrates the processes that were conventionally carried out in two machines, a submerged washing machine and a drying machine. Installation space is significantly reduced.

Space saving


Recommended use

  • Washing and deburring of motor cover, stator housing and inverter case for electric or hybrid vehicles
  • Washing and deburring of cylinder head and cylinder block Removal of chips in the water jacket
  • Washing and deburring of large aluminum cases such as transmission cases
  • Multiple simultaneous washing and deburring of small parts such as valve body and ABS control unit

Main Specifications


Washing Pressure Max. 50MPa
Flow Rate Max. 29L/Min
Stroke X 750mm
Y 500mm
Z 500mm
Rapid Feed Rate(X,Y,Z-axis) 60m/min
Main Spindle Speed Max. 1,000min-1
Positioning Accuracy X,Y,Z: 0.08mm
Repeatability ±0.05mm
Number of tools 6
Indexing Time 0.5sec. (Random Shortest Approach by CNC Control)
Machine Dimensions


Machine Weight 5,800kg
Controller FANUC 0i-MF