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제목 Self-Unit H15B: #30 Compact Horizontal Machining Unit 등록일 23-04-27 14:50
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Compact, high-rigidity machining unit!

The Self-Unit H15B is a compact horizontal machining unit 910 mm wide and 1,400 mm high. The unit employs an all-axis column traverse method, enabling highly efficient processing.

Basic specifications

strokeHorizontal #30
X: 200 mm
Y: 200 mm
Z: 200 mm

toolsTool attachments
15 tools
* Optional
29 tools

speedMaximum spindle
rotation speed
20,000 revolutions
2.2 kW


  * Supported options

Processing capacity


Aluminum φ 20 mm
Cast iron φ 18 mm
Steel φ 14 mm


Aluminum M20 mm
Cast iron M14 mm
Steel M12 mm

Milling cutter

Aluminum 150 cm3/min
Cast iron 50 cm3/min
Steel 25 cm3/min

Advantages of the H15B Unit

1. High Speed and High Rigidity

The spindle uses a super precision ceramic bearing, enabling 20,000 revolutions. It uses a linear guide applicable to a #40 taper spindle machine, enabling stable, high speed and high precision processing.


2. Simultaneous Processing of Multiple Workpieces

Productivity is increased through simultaneous processing of multiple workpieces. Up to 29 tools can be attached to the unit.


3. Two-Face Contact Tool Shank Compatibility

The unit facilitates stable high speed, high precision processing as well as medium-low speed and heavy cutting through compatibility with a reliable two-face contact tool shank.



Stroke X-axis mm 200
Y-axis mm 200
Z-axis mm 200
Spindle Spindle taper - NT30
Standard min-1 12,000 2.2 kW (optional 20,000)
Feed Rapid feed rate m/min 30 (X, Y, Z-axis)
Cutting feed rate m/min Max. 10
ATC Number of tools - 15 (optional 29)
Tool to Tool sec 1.0
Tool shank - BT30 (Pull stud MAS P30T-2)
Maximum tool dimensions mm φ 60 × 200
Maximum tool weight kg 2.0 (3.5 at low-speed ATC)
Machine Width × Depth × Height mm 1,020 × 1,335 × 1,400
Weight kg 1,100
Power Source Power supply - 3-phase AC 200 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Power capacity kVA Max.15
Air pressure MPa 0.4 - 0.6
Air consumption L/min (ANR) Max. 100