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제목 SELFEEDER DUO SD5: Servo Feed Drilling and Tapping Unit 등록일 23-09-20 09:39
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SELFEEDER DUO SD5: Servo Feed Drilling and Tapping Unit


SD5 type is a high-output model of SELFEEDER DUO which achives both drilling and tapping in one unit.

Powerful unit with a maximum drilling capacity of φ33 mm and a tapping of M27 in aluminum, achieved by maximum spindle torque of 46.3 N-m and thrust of 8,350 N.





 Specification Chart / Drilling and tapping dual-purpose type



1.Select a model based on workpiece specifications, machinability, tool specifications and cutting speed.
The maximum drilling capacity shown above is the value at a drilling depth of twice the drill diameter.
Tapping capacities are conditional on the depth of tapping being limited to 1.5 times of the tap diameter.
2.If the maximum drilling capacity exceeds the chucking capacity, special tools (with steps) shall be prepared by the customer.
3.If your drilling and tapping needs exceed the figures in the capacity chart, please contact the nearest sales office.
4.ER collet is adopted for spindle nose. Use collet ER-GB when chucking a tap.
5.Misalignment between a pre-hole and a tap can cause early tap damage, select a tap holder shown on page 9.
6.A servo motor for feed is with a holding brake, "B" is added to the end of SELFEEDER DUO model number.





Selectable Spindle​