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제목 SB Series 등록일 23-05-30 15:40
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SB Series

Hollow Axis Rotary Wire EDM. True Five-Axis Cutting/Processing 360° Indexer Range, Titling Tables


  • Outstanding  precision, rigidity and high accuracy for machining hard materials
  • Large thru-hole allows for diverse 3D contoured part applications
  • Full range of cutting features
  • Continuous rotation improves stability
Introduced in 2014, Matsumoto’s true five-axis, tilting tables are designed specifically for processing complex, die/mold, aerospace and medical parts. Our SBii170 table combines increased speed, outstanding precision and flexibility required for tight tolerance, five-axis, hard-milling applications. The spindle-movement has an indexer range of 360 degrees and can rotate endlessly. 

A high precision hollow thru-hole with an opening diameter of 122mm to allow for cutting parts up to 4.80 inches across. Since the work-piece continuously rotates, the EDM wire can stay perpendicular the entire time to improve stability. Design advantages allows all sides of a part to be cut without anything to obstruct the wire guides, while the hollow thru-hole makes it possible to cut to the part center without any impediments.