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SMED – Specialty Workholding. Automatic Jaw Change Chuck


  • Drastically Reduces:
  • Setup Times
  • 24/7 Lights-Out Manufacturing
  • Instant change over
  • Double cylinder actuator
  • Ideal for small workpieces
  • 8”-24” chuck sizes
  • Manual or robotic exchange
  • Designed specifically for your application

Unlike conventional pallet changing systems, MMK Matsumoto’s patented, automatic jaw changing power chuck system (AJC Chuck) provides the capability to directly load a workpiece, without having to stock thousands of system carriers or manually pre-load the part into each individual carrier.

The AJC Chuck is equipped with multiple exchange plates and a double actuating cylinder which provides both Clamping of an exchange plate with custom top jaws, and also the ability to direct clamp and unclamp the workpiece using the power chuck jaws without any type of additional manual holder.


Chuck Diameter Permissible Max. R.P.M. Jaw Stroke in DIA Max. Gripping Force
(in.) (min⁻¹) (mm) (KN)
AJCA6-8-22 8 3,600 7.6 58.8
AJCA8-10-35 10 3,500 9.0 85.3
AJCA8-12-46 12 2,500 9.0 94.1
AJCA11-15-72 15 1,250 13.3 114.7
AJCA11-18-72 18 1,050 13.3 147.1
AJCA11-22-72 22 1,050 13.3 92.0